Millions of Women Strong

So let’s give them something to fall in love with!

In the same manner that our individual personalities define us, your brand personality defines your business to the outside world. It’s everything that represents you, everything that you’re known and appreciated for. In this keynote, I’ll take you through my top ten essentials for creating a brand that your customers really will fall for.
In this training you will learn:

  • Exactly what branding is (starting with it not being just a logo)
  • The concept of Brand Personalities and learn how it will add value to both your brand and your overall marketing strategy
  • How to position essential brand elements, including:
           – Brand story – Brand voice (language and tone)
           – Logo and collateral – Brand culture
           – Brand experience
  • The tricks to completely owning your area of expertise
  • How to build a strong brand culture, and
  • Gain insider tips on creating a memorable brand experience (and hear about how an international company totally rocked my world 5 years ago – and why I’ve told thousands of people since). 

You’ll walk away inspired and motivated to create a brand experience that your clients and employees love, and that adds incredible value to your business.

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Debbie is a brand strategist by profession and graphic designer by trade, author of a children’s book and active entrepreneur. She is the founder of multi award winning creative studio White River Design (WRD). She is the branding expert on the Build My Brand 12 part series, the creator of online branding program Brand Magic® Masterclass and the Brand Personalities system. Debbie also set up and runs The Creative Fringe, Western Sydney’s most inspiring co-working space.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Debbie majored in graphic design and photography from Stellenbosch University in South Africa (completing her 4 year degree in her second language, Afrikaans). Her passion has always been in branding. With design experience that covers three continents, Debbie brings a diverse range of skills to her clients. She is an exceptional strategist and is renowned for her creative thinking and her intuition for knowing just what the client wants and needs.

Debbie gets a kick out of empowering her clients through their branding and watching them grow their businesses. She is a charismatic leader, who inspires the best in others. This has been evident in the creation of her coworking space, The Creative Fringe. The connections and relationships that Debbie is able to build are strong and long lasting. Debbie’s biggest bug bear is the word ‘can’t’ and lives by her ‘can do attitude’. 

Our members are a global collective of ambitious and incredibly talented like-minded business owners who collaborate and support one another on their individual business journeys. We do this by providing exceptional personal and professional development  opportunities, both in our events and social networking forums. Simply put, we provide the tools, knowledge, and support for our members to kick ass.

We are a network of female business owners who refuse to settle for less than legendary. Together we’re stronger, and we’re determined to reach the pivotal moment where women are thriving - financially, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Being a catalyst for change takes courage, grit, determination, and a warrior attitude - which is why our brand promise is to ignite your inner warrior. We challenge our members to play a bigger game: one where soul-stirring goals set the path, and bravery and courage lights the way.